Sunday, January 28, 2007

Another mastermove by Tabula Rasa

When people get addicted to a game then can sometimes completely forget about real life issues. They can use all their money to play poker online and remain without a penny to buy food.
This is to some extent what happened to a married couple with a baby, who both play Gothador. Not the baby yet, and probably it won't play when it will know what has happened. What has happened, is that their parents put 10 bucks a month (plus in average 50 bucks for the Action points) into Gothador instead of putting the money is a Health insurance for the baby. And yes, the baby got injured and now the parents are facing financial issues to pay for the hospital, the scanners and so on.

We might feel guity... but we are Tabula Rasa! Not only we don't feel guilty but we saw here one more occasion to rip off the other players. The mastermove was to encourage a charity movement within the community of players, "to help the poor baby'. Muhahaha! To help Tabula Rasa. Many players donated their most precious weapons and armours, and we at Tabula Rasa ttok all these donations for a "blind lottery" where other players could bid with real life money. The important word here is "blind". The bidders could not know what they were bidding for, and the donators were never given any receipt for their gifts.

The lottery ended and the bidders only received crap but very few of them actually complained in the forum. And the ones who did, were massively countered and mocked by us. "Hey it's a charity thing", "You whiner, how dare you, aren't you supposed to be generous?". Muhahaha.

And the parents could not know either how much money we raised. We gave them a little part, telling them it was all we got, and they naively thanked us!

We gained consideration from the community for being the charity task force.
We gained all the best equipment for our own characters.
We gained real life money... a mastermove, I said!


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