Monday, October 30, 2006

Before you can become a forum nuisance, you have to create a game account. Use any anonymous email address provider you like. Get your password, connect once to the game to create the forum account, and FORGET THE GAME. You don't want to pay 20$ a month to play a text-mode thing.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Aha for some reason I had forgotten to mention Butters and Vexx, maybe because I am possibly one of them (maybe, possibly, not really giving a hint here lol)
Butters is an all-purpose char, forum mod, pretending to help new players by giving stuf (just pretending of course. But what counts is not the reality, just what we say in the forum, this is what becomes the truth) and used to kill people. As an elf, Butters cannot be detected so she will always hit you first and to kill her you have to raise your stats above hers. Unlike say, ButonX who can be killed by anyone. So Butters is somehow the ultimate incentive to buy Action Points with your money, you addicted customers hahahahaha!
Vexx well not much to say about her, actually she's good to nothing but she's part of the family.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

We work as a team. Each of us in Tabula Rasa has a dedicated role in our endless quest for harrassing players, taking theit money and making them leave the game after they've been squeezed.

BurtonX: the teaser. In the game he will attack you if you are half his size. Well no, one tenth of his size, BurtonX never gives a chance to his victims. This is an incentive to gain levels (read: to pay a lot) in order to become able to avenge and to kill BurtonX. In the forum he will provoke you with words like "You're a retarded sucker." The aim is to make you answer the same way. Then comes the banner...

Nukleardog: the banner. He's the forum admin who kicks you off.

Opius: the false friend. She will pretend she's helping you, she's acting as the "good cop", and post about all the help she gives. Of course she never actually helped anyone.

Ladykristal, Yasima, Valdorian: the yes-men. Once someone says something like "Tabula Rasa is a mafia of cheaters playing for free and pretending to be real chars" and BurtonX answers with "Retarded sucker, everybody knows we're not cheaters", Ladykristal, Yasima and Valdorian will quickly come and pile on. This way, the unsuspecting onlooker will always see at least five posts supporting Tabula Rasa for one confronting us.

Jinxeth: the obsession of power. He created all kind of meta-sites (even a stream radio! Can you imagine! Completely irrelevant...) around Gothador, allegedly to help the players but actually to make them dependent. Like when a dealer gives you free heroin. Typically his site was named "Bow", for "Book of Wisdom" but implicitly meaning you had to bow to him. He went too far in his attempts of mass domination and his meta-site was hacked. This is a lesson for all of us, too much impunity blinds you, we need to be careful somehow.

Draegon: the whiner. This one would always complain about the huge amount of work done by Tabula Rasa and our meta-site to "help" players. He would ask for donations, and so on. Like Valdorian, Draegon formally left Tabula Rasa for another cult (otherwise it looks weird in the forum when you see all these posts by TR and only TR. )

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Then we at Tabula Rasa make various follow-up posts taking offense of what our victim said. Here Valdorian initiates the process. You may think, from Valdorian's cult icon that she does not belong to Tabula Rasa but actually she's a mole, a former Tabula Rasa. Now she changes her cult every week but it's only a cover. Next one might be BurtonX, Yasima, LadyKrystal, Nukleardog, any of us.
And finally the player DocSooty, a Gothador admin (and also a TR mole) locks the thread, forbidding any complaint by other players and bans the char. You'll notice the level reached by DocSooty, 3000+. Yes, he's playing in his own game. Conflict of interests, cheating, blatant lack of ethics? Sure. That's where the fun is.

Let's take for instance this regular, normal, technical, relevant, innocent post about the respective merits of such or such class of characters. We will ban it but can't do it just like that, it has to look justified somehow, so we prepare and engineer the ban, a bit like the CIA puts heroin in someone's luggage to arrest him later.

So... let's suppose we decide to ban someone from the Gothador forum. Just because we can and because we like to ban people. The first step is to choose a post by someone. This is made randomly.