Saturday, October 28, 2006

Aha for some reason I had forgotten to mention Butters and Vexx, maybe because I am possibly one of them (maybe, possibly, not really giving a hint here lol)
Butters is an all-purpose char, forum mod, pretending to help new players by giving stuf (just pretending of course. But what counts is not the reality, just what we say in the forum, this is what becomes the truth) and used to kill people. As an elf, Butters cannot be detected so she will always hit you first and to kill her you have to raise your stats above hers. Unlike say, ButonX who can be killed by anyone. So Butters is somehow the ultimate incentive to buy Action Points with your money, you addicted customers hahahahaha!
Vexx well not much to say about her, actually she's good to nothing but she's part of the family.


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