Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Whatever happened to gullible people?

Hey c'mon! Register! Susbcribe! We need your money to have our fun.

Players used to just kill everything they saw without asking too many questions. When one new creature was announced they would jump at its throat and kill it without counting the USPs.

But now it looks like they can do their math after all. They can see that a Zaahar Flamelord has 51 million HP; they can see that the best weapon, the Dark blade, delivers a 900 HP damage. Simple arithmetics tell them they'll need 50,000 turns to kill one monster. At five dollars the 1000-AP potion, this is more than 250 dollars to kill *one* monster.


Besides our group of friends, there are one little thousand of gullible (and rich!) players in Gothador, but their number is decreasing month after month. They leave more and more quickly. We've done something wrong at some point. Well, everything we did was wrong from the start, but at some point it started to show.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah I tried to play this game for one week and this was enough to realize you have to pay and pay and pay so I left for TornCity.

1:23 AM  

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