Sunday, November 05, 2006

Once you've registered fot the game you don't need to register again for the forum, it's the same account (here NightmareOfTR, unimaginatively) and password (the one you got in your mail).

And here you are!
There is a Search feature if you want to find any of us (BurtonX, Butters, Jinx, AdinTheDark, Aishwaria, Blyss, Chimeara, darkraven007, Egon, Ezekial, Genevieve IceGirl, LadyKrystal, Mort, mtk1701, Nerdanel, nukleardog, Songwoven, SpiritLiones SupernovaCid, tshedevil, uberfiend, Vexx, Victoria05, wolf22, Yasima, AndorPimpHat Anubis, Charm, DorkaQueen, Jinxeth, PhayRay, StarryNight) but it's not even necessary as 50% of the posts are ours - despite we're hardly 1% of the players community - so just by browsing randomly you'll very quickly find samples of our always inspired, high, original poetry (actually nobody except us fint it inspired or original or high-level but as the forum is ours then the forum truth is what we post, Muhahaha).


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