Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Then we at Tabula Rasa make various follow-up posts taking offense of what our victim said. Here Valdorian initiates the process. You may think, from Valdorian's cult icon that she does not belong to Tabula Rasa but actually she's a mole, a former Tabula Rasa. Now she changes her cult every week but it's only a cover. Next one might be BurtonX, Yasima, LadyKrystal, Nukleardog, any of us.
And finally the player DocSooty, a Gothador admin (and also a TR mole) locks the thread, forbidding any complaint by other players and bans the char. You'll notice the level reached by DocSooty, 3000+. Yes, he's playing in his own game. Conflict of interests, cheating, blatant lack of ethics? Sure. That's where the fun is.


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