Saturday, August 26, 2006

And here we are, Tabula Rasa. No it does not mean anything, or yes it means something but we chose the name randomly, it's no conveying any message.

MMORPGs usually have guilds, or factions. Here theu're named cults. There is one cult dedicated to the game management, but we chose to create another one and pretend we are regular players. Which we are not of course.

Where usual players have to spend time and money to raise the stats of their char (the usual stuff, attack, defense, armour class, nothing new) we only have to access the MySql database to gain all the levels we want. And where is our ethics? Lol we have none, we just like to have fun by pissing off people.

To join a cult *you* need to pay a subscribtion. (Not meeeeeeee lol.) But if you want to play a MMORPG, go and see Warcraft, Torn City, Runescape, Dark age of Camelot, anything but not Gothador.


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